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There are a number of valuable benefits that separate Brown & Associates, Legal Nurse Consulting from other Legal Nurse Consultants or Nurse Consulting Companies. The most important benefits for you to understand as an attorney include our 4 Step CARE Approach SM.

Brown & Associates, Legal Nurse Consulting approaches each case in the same systematic process. This 4 Step CARE Approach ensures that we examine your case from all angles, leaving no stone unturned. Whether plaintiff or defense, arguments from both sides are examined and presented to you so that you are well prepared at all times, decreasing the element of surprise.

Case Review for Merit
Brown & Associates, Legal Nurse Consulting uncovers the crucial facts in your case. We are able to determine if your case has merit and keep non-meritorious cases out of the courtroom so you have more time to focus on cases that need your attention. Depending on the specifics of the case, a case screening usually takes an average of 3-5 hours. As a clinician and former Nurse Manager, we are able to review the medical record efficiently and effectively saving you time and money. Brown & Associates understands the “ideal” vs. the “reality” of clinical care because we have experience with both. Nurse Practice Acts as well as policies and procedures present us with the “ideal way to practice nursing,” while challenges that nurses face on a day-to-day basis such as staffing issues, and acuity, present the “reality” that effects the care that patients receive.

Apply More than 18 years of Nursing Knowledge & Expertise
Brown & Associates, Legal Nurse Consulting is able to apply more than 18 years of current nursing knowledge & expertise to your case. Our nursing knowledge translates to power for you to win your case. We have experience in dealing with patients throughout the entire continuum of care including Trauma, Acute Care, Transitional Care, Rehabilitation, and Long-term care. We are able to speak to appropriate standards of care, policies and procedures, and deviations from care related to the following specialties: Med/Surg, Vascular Surgery, GI, Breast Health, Liver & Kidney Transplant, Neuro, Neuro/Surg, Intermediate Care/Step Down Unit, Gerontology, Orthopaedics, ENT, Oncology, Research, Peritoneal Dialysis, and Telemetry. If there is a specialty that involves your case, but is not listed, not to worry. Brown & Associates has access to more than 6,000 other Certified Legal Nurse Consultants nationally that have been certified under the same rigorous standards. In addition, because of professional memberships and affiliations, we have access to many Nurse and Physician experts.

Having both Bachelor and Master of Science, Nursing degrees as well as certifications in both Legal Nurse Consulting & Orthopaedics, Brown & Associates offers you the comfort and peace of mind of knowing we can critically think, put our knowledge to work for you, and get the results you want.

Review All Aspects of the Case
Brown & Associates, Legal Nurse Consulting offers you the choice of working as a Consulting Expert (CE) or as a Testifying Expert (TE). With more than 30 services to assist you with your case, we partner with you and your team to get favorable results. These services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Screen cases for merit
  • Define applicable standards of care, adherences to and deviations from standards of care.
  • Serve as liaison between attorneys, healthcare providers, experts and witnesses.
  • Identify & review relevant medical records, hospital polices & procedures, and other essential documents.
  • Assess alleged damages and/or injuries and identify factors that caused or contributed to alleged damages and injuries.
  • Organize, summarize, translate & interpret medical records.
  • Identify & locate appropriate types of expert witnesses.
  • Develop written reports-brief, moderate, comprehensive, chronological timelines.
  • Attend and assist with depositions, defense medical exams (DMEs), and/or trials.
  • Provide education to all members of the team as needed including witnesses and the jury.

Execution for a Favorable Result – WIN!
All of our knowledge and expertise, combined together, translates to power to win your case. Brown & Associates, Legal Nurse Consulting has more than 12 years of demonstrated & proven leadership, as well as excellent written and communication skills. This translates to a verbal or written report that you, and your team can make sense of, allowing you to present a compelling case, and a win. We offer many levels of prepared reports for you depending upon your needs. In addition, we offer you the ability to view samples of our work so that you can decide which kind of report will most benefit you.

  • Chronologies/Timelines
  • Short Report
  • Medium Report
  • Comprehensive Report