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Discover the fortune that lies hidden in your medical records. Brown & Associates saves you time and money by uncovering the crucial facts that help you win your case. Finding the crucial facts translates to your power, your win, and money in your pocket!

Brown & Associates, Legal Nurse Consulting, has eighteen years of current knowledge and expertise. We work either behind the scenes as a consulting expert (CE) or as a Testifying Expert (TE) at depositions and trials. We offer more than thirty services to our clients and use a consistent, systematic 4-step CARE Approach that works. We work efficiently & effectively to help you find the dollars and make “sense” of the medical records. We provide the condensed “cliff note” version of the medical records so you never have to try to interpret the records again. Imagine, focusing on the law, while we focus on the nursing related issues. Whether serving plaintiff or defense, we give you the bottom line opinion and facts that you can use to settle your case or provide a compelling case in court. We partner with you and CARE for you every step of the way because your WIN is our WIN. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy!

Call or Email Brown & Associates, Legal Nurse Consulting today to see how we can help you win your cases! Your satisfaction is guaranteed!