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Questions You May Have... Answers You Need...

Who are you?

  • Registered Nurse (18+ years) with current Nursing experience in the hospital
  • Licensed in State of Massachusetts (1991)
  • Bachelor of Science, Nursing (1991)
  • Master of Science, Nursing: Gerontology & Administration (1996)
  • Certified Legal Nurse Consultant (CLNC®)
  • Certified Orthopaedic Nurse (ONC)

What do you do?

  • First and foremost I am a Nurse.
  • I work with Attorneys and/or Insurance Companies on any cases involving patients and/or medical records.
  • Help Attorneys win their cases by uncovering the crucial facts.
  • Educate Attorneys, jurors, paralegals, and office staff on Nursing or Medical related issues.
  • Help assess injuries, causation issues & contributing factors.
  • Serve as Consulting Expert (CE) or Testifying Expert (TE).
  • We offer more than thirty services including, but not limited to: screen cases for merit, locate expert witnesses, perform literature searches, assist with interrogatories, depositions, and trial preparation, prepare exhibits and demonstrative evidence.

What makes you qualified to do this?

  • 18+ years experience in Nursing.
  • 12 years in Nursing Management.
  • Experience with the medical record, policies & procedures, the “real” vs. “the ideal.”
  • Worked in: Trauma, acute-care, transitional-care, rehab, long-term care
  • Certified Legal Nurse Consultant
  • Experience caring for following patient case types: Med/Surg, Vascular Surgery, GI, Breast Health, Liver & Kidney Transplant, Neuro, Neuro/Surg., Intermediate Care/Step Down Unit, Gerontology, Orthopaedics, Research, ENT, Oncology, Peritoneal Dialysis,Trauma, and Telemetry

I already have a Paralegal, why do I need a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant (CLNC®)?

  • I am an expert on the Nursing & Medical related issues
  • I am an expert on the healthcare system
  • I am an adjunct to the Legal System; I partner with you and your team so you are fully informed on all aspects related to your case
  • Together the CLNC & Paralegal become a team of experts focusing on the areas they know best

What kinds of cases can you assist with?

  • I can assist with any civil or criminal case that involves a patient and/or a medical record.
  • I can review cases involving personal injury, medical malpractice, worker’s compensation, elder abuse, negligence, products liability, premise liability, toxic tort, etc.

How long does a case take to screen?

  • Typically it takes 3-5 hours to screen a case, depending on the complexity of case.
  • After the case is screened, we discuss findings & decide together how to proceed.

Why should I choose Brown & Associates, Legal Nurse Consulting over the competition?

  • We have been reviewing medical records for more than twelve years.
  • The process is not new to us; we are familiar with the process of how it all works.
  • We are meticulous about our work and our work product(s).
  • We stand behind our work product(s).
  • We are not happy until you are happy- your win is our win!

What happens if I’m not satisfied with your services?

  • We are so sure you will be satisfied that we offer a Risk Free Guarantee!*